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The National Flight Centre based at Weston Airport near Dublin is Ireland's largest Flight Training Organization with a fleet of Cessna 150/152s, Cessna 172's, a Cessna 172RG, a Piper Cub and a Beech 76 Duchess. As well as the flying schools fleet it operates a number of aircraft on behalf of clients including several Citations, a Beech 18, a Cessna 206 Amphibian and a Grumman Goose to name but a few. The company was established under its old name Aerial Advertising, initially beginning with banner towing but eventually branching out into aerial photography and flight instruction. The experience gained over the years has been passed down, and today many airline pilots form part of the Instruction team, particularly at CPL, MEC and MEIR level.

NFC was founded by Captain Kieran O'Connor, an experienced airline pilot and probably one of the most licensed pilots in Europe. Kieran holds Licences for single engines, multi engines, seaplanes, helicopters, a number of heavy jets including Boeing 707 and 727, a wide range of corporate jet types. In addition he currently works as a Flight Examiner for the Irish Aviation Authority and previously as an Air Traffic Controller.

The National Flight Centre has been teaching pilots for over thirty years. We have established links with the worlds largest and most successful airlines. Indeed many of our graduates now hold training positions in these airlines. We are a quality training college focused on providing the optimum in training and facilities for our students.

NFC graduate pilots are flying with various airlines including easyJet, Ryanair, Cityjet, Aer Lingus, British Airways, Aer Arann, Cathay Pacific and Thomson and many more.

A testament to the focus on quality when you train with NFC is that Our graduate Pilots are renowned throughout the Airline Industry and currently hold positions in some of the worlds major airlines as Type rating examiners, Training Captains, Captains, and indeed First Officers.

We offer a personal and flexible service based around your needs. NFC is the oldest school in Ireland and one of the oldest and most established schools in Europe. Our job is not done until you have landed that dream job!

Since Weston Airport's change of ownership in 2002, millions have been spent on upgrading the facilities, all of which have benefited training. The runway has been extended, new taxiways built, a VOR installed and new terminal and hangar facilities constructed. NFC Operations and reception are located in the main terminal building along with classrooms, briefing rooms, simulator and admin offices. The briefing rooms contain a number of student / instructor stations and many pre-flight briefings are now conducted with the aid of computers. NFC was the first school in Ireland licensed to provide flight training under the JAR system when it was introduced a number of years ago.

We can provide the entire range of courses from Private Pilot to Airline Pilot as well as Instructor Ratings. The pace of your training is completely your own choice. Many students fly full time five or six days a week while others stick to just flying on weekends. This allows many students to fit their flying around their family or full time job. NFC operates a "pay as you go" system so there is no need to pay large amounts of money up front. After qualifying for the PPL, students are welcome to rent aircraft from the school for hour building. Passed students have flown as far a field as Austria and Spain, gaining experience in advance of commercial training.

A distance learning ATPL is offered by NFC which allows students to study from home at their own pace. The course manuals are complimented by the Icarus Online System. This Learning Management System provides excellent flexibility to the students and advanced monitoring abilities to the Training Organization. Support is available to students who may be struggling with some particular aspect of the course. In advance of the exams, a two week refresher course takes place which includes lectures, mock tests and question and answer sessions. The final stages of CPL instruction are normally completed in a Cessna 172 RG. This aircraft has a retractable gear and a variable pitch (VP) propeller and is used for the CPL Skills Test. Mastering the skills of the VP propeller on the Cessna 172 is a good stepping stone for students when they reach the more complicated twin engine aircraft. Multi engine instrument training is divided between the FNPT II simulator and the Beech 76 Duchess. The use of our FNPT II significantly reduces the cost of obtaining a multi engine instrument rating as 40 hours of the 55 hour course can be completed in the simulator. The simulator is type specific to our Multi-Engine aircraft which allows for a seamless transition to the aircraft. Generally the courses at NFC have no start dates; you start when you want and progress at your own pace. This allows dedicated students to progress through all of the courses in the shortest time and with the least expense. With its close proximity to Dublin, the National Flight Centre is an ideal place to train for people living in the greater Dublin area.